Everything Forsaken

From abandoned houses to discarded sofa

For the Watchman  Sea Logs  Wicker Chair  Derelict Spotlight  speak nothing to the end  Collapsed and Forsaken  All that Remains is a Wheelchair  Mossy Back of a Stone Lion  Zigzag Bridge and Pavilion above a Dried-up Pond  Something Isn't Straight Here  Biscuit Tins on a Rusty Deck  They used to use it everyday  they parked it there and never came back  Reclaimed  Push Trolleys  Rare Ladder Secured  Forgotten  Cow Skull  home that no one returned to  Clothes Hanging Poles  Waiting on Time  Buzzing  This used to be a home of people, now it is a home of trees  Shutter Facing Sofa  Evil Barrel  Cabinet filled with Darkness  Persistence  Garage 15  Underneath the Staircase  Window with Grilles  Detention Centre  Telly Room  Window and Windowed Door  Little Tricycle  Grinding through Time  Rice Cooker  House of Bats  Bed Frames and Barrels  Rooflight  Light Through Leaves  Stacking Chairs for Nobody  Bring Your Own Bag  White Cotton Gloves