Urban Life

Photos taken around the city, some old some new including candid shots within public places

Calligraphy Booth  Bones and Internal Organs  Underground Passageway  Handrails and People Waiting  Morning Light  Little Girl in Light Installation  Excavator with Mask  White Room  Rust  Industrial District Back Alley  Earth Wire  Dolls for Sale  Chinese Lantern  Orange Wall  Always Watching  Delivering the Goods  Lee Kee Locksmith  Mowing the Roof  Piling  Lily Street  Chikan (赤坎古鎮)  Row of Shops, Chikan (赤坎古鎮)  Ice Cream Car on Watercress Street  Made In China  ChiWan Grain Silos  Red Ballon  Greeting Staffs  Foggy Victoria Habour  Hong Kong Mahjong Entertainment  Egg Shop  In my place  Full of Nothing  Red Oil Drum  RKT/12/E/2  Electrical Appliance Repair Shop  Stage for Chinese Ghost Festival on Hollywood Rd.  Sack Trolley in front of Old Cosmetic Ads  Black Arrowhead  Belle Fishing Gear﹙百麗釣具﹚  Deep in Thought  Bartering for Sandals  Closing Down Sale in a Dry Seafood Shop  Under the Tsing-Ma Bridge  Polka Dot and Saffron Robe  Chasing Tram #92; opposite to Lee Kung Man Knitting  Windscreen Reflection  Remunerative Seafood﹙有利海鮮﹚  22S  Feeling Content on the Lower Deck  Two Coppers  Going to Work with a Flu  Shopping for Clothing Components  Turbo Sharp Cutlery Shop﹙得利林記刀剪﹚  Quinn's Metal Work﹙坤記鐵器工程﹚  Choosing Oriental Mushroom  Boy Curious at Fishmonger  Street Vendor Selling Chinese Medicine  A Happy Fishwife  Hiding away from the Scorching Sun  Sammy's Kitchen  Prosperity Preserved Foods and Sundries﹙利昌鹹料雜貨﹚  Ricky Tattoo  Water Lane  Junk Shop at Night  Noodle Shop  To North Point  Fairground Clown Face  Costermonger  Reading the Newspaper While Waiting for Customers  Fishes for Sale  Mobile Softee  Mid-Autumn Festival Clear-up  Busy Crossing  Diffused Light  Midday Shadows  A Serious Tourist  Choosing Souvenirs  Street Gallery in the Night Market  Laying Cables under the Street  STD.6630 Ceylon Black Tea Dust  Fire Hose Reel at the end of the Corridor  Scatter!  Playing Chinese Chess  Peeping Giant  Subtropical December  ChunMeiMei Street Food  Stacking Flattened Cardboard Box  $10 Each  5 Firefighters in MongKok  Police in Action  Looking Ahead  Electricity Pole  Noodle Break  She Loves Her Ricecooker  Not the Most Appealing Food Prop  Plastic Lobster  Triangle  Early Lunch?  Public Welfare Wine Shop(厚生酒行)  Sunbathing on the Terrace  Le Voleur  Murmurs and Whispers  Shopping with Kids  The Horticulturist  Hid Behind Her Rainbow Monkey  Zoned Out Mum  Outdoor Gallery  Chasing Spiderman  Departure...return?  Watching Them Run  The Cones Keep Guard  Why are you late again?  Game Centre  Loading Eggs on Bike  Pensive Collective  Off to See the Wiz  Blank  Reaching  Love, Work, Life Balance  Gerrard & No.14  The Start of A Road Trip  Crossing to the Light  Pushing the Weight  Nice Afternoon Nap  5 Firefighters in MongKok  Pick Your Fish  Fleeing Horse  Tension  An Active Afternoon  They sell everything in Ikea  Â¿ Hello ?  Buying Dinner  Selling Pink Guava  Taking Root  Pit Stopping in a Shopping Mail  Pentateuque by Fabien Mérelle  Faux Pas  Hoover Cake Shop  Local Crew 2011  Only 28 Remain  Rag-and-Bone  Basketball Court  Fresh  Daily Gossip  Out Back  Passing the Time  Bamboo Scaffolding  Securing the Ferry  Cleaning up the City  Fishing Trashes  Queuing up for Gucci  Mannequin's Courtesy  Belongings as Pillow  Albion Victor EVK55CL Bus  Daimler A Bus  Nezha Tattoo  Sakata no Kintoki Tattoo  He gets a Dragon at his Back  Personal Geisha  Ganesha's New Neighbour  Almost Finished  Dove on Thigh  Mobile Phones and Tattooing  Tattooist, Tattooee and Spectator  The Don  Fishing before the Sun Set  We have a problem  Patrolling  Good Old Granville Road  Keep me soft, keep me tender  2+1