Architecture and Cityscape

The cities and their buildings

Aerial View on Macau Convention Centre  Lisboa Bend  Floating Football  Terry Farrell's Kennedy Town Swimming Pool  Under Construction  Skyscrapers  ChengQiLou(承啟樓)and QiaoFuLou(僑福樓)  Chuxi Tulou Cluster (初溪土樓群)  Draw Off Tower X, High Island Reservoir  Bellmouth Siphon Spillway, High Island Reservoir  Kowloon Clock Tower  Night Traffic  20 Public Housing Apartments  KwunTong  Window Cleaning Cradles  Waiting for Bus in Front of Ciy Hall  Majianlong Village (馬降龍村)  Zili Village Watchtower (自力村)  Longshengluo, Zili Village (自力村龍勝樓)  Another Afternoon Across the Victoria Habour  Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre 'Spring Cocoon': West Wing  Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre 'Spring Cocoon': Bracing Column  Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre 'Spring Cocoon': Steel Structure Close-Up  Roadside Oasis  Polymax Theatre, ShenZhen by Functionary  ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre: Scale  ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre: Faceted Glass Triangles  ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre: When the Light Turned On  ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre: Night View  ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre: Natatorium  Vanke Centre: Solís Hotel  Vanke Centre: Security Office  Vanke Centre: Office Block  Shek-O Bus T(e)rminus  OCT Creative Exhibition Centre + Fountain  Shenzhen Tourism Information Centre  Inside Tourism Information Centre  Following the Light  Theatre Box in the Middle of an Artificial Lake  Shenzhen Concert Hall: Night after Rain  ShenZhen Library  Night Swimming  Three Trams under the White Flower Oil Sign  Window Blind  Pingshan Sports Centre: Evening  Wan Chai Swimming Pool  Waxing Cresent above Gloucester Road  Floating Restaurants in Aberdeen  Ysbeidiau Heulog  Taking a Break/ Admiring the View  Alone in a World Made for Man  Kowloon City Vehicular Ferry Pier  Untitled  Inside ShenZhen Universiade Sports Centre  3 Mini Buses  Waterloo Sunset  Looking up from Garden Street  Tank Lane  Hong Kong Junk  Shek Kip Mei  Garden Road at Night  A Quiet Night  Dancing underneath the Misty Sky  Air Lute  Kwun Tong Bypass  Pier Exit  Suddenly you saw the light, but just couldn't get any closer  Resupplying the Cruise Ship Before the Sun Went Down  The Beat Never Stops  The Big Waffles  The Sun Temple  Lonely Sidewalk/ Ways Limited  Once upon a Time  Connecting One Another  Suburb Life  Public Housing with Style  Street Lamps and Shadows  Urban Flower in Bloom  Old Tram 120  Rua de Nossa Senhora do Amparo  Meixi Royal Stone Archways  Parking Lot Night  Sidelight  Graphic Columns  Pinko  A Touristy Shot  Open Mouths  Corridor  Mist  The Metropolis  Follow Me  Hiding Sunday  Sunday Wanchai Afternoon  Ghost's Kitchen  Sitting in the Dark  The Grand Living Room  Semicircle Front Garden  Stone House beside the Pier